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For over twelve years now, UCN’s experts* have provided relevant solutions to significant problems in Utah’s public charter schools, and, on Utah’s Capitol Hill.  Institutional knowledge and consistency are some of the hallmarks of a respected and influential organization.  UCN is a trusted and respected organization.  We serve all of Utah’s charter schools.

There is strength in numbers.  A vital organization with participants who are willing to give input, help each other solve problems, and band together to create legislative consensus is critical to charters success now and into the future.  UCN uses the latest technologies and online messaging services to keep schools informed and to enhance dialogue among charter schools and relevant parties.  Effective, efficient technologies help UCN narrow gaps in communication statewide.

* Several UCN Board members and Executive Director, Kim Frank, were original founders of the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools (UAPCS) in 2004.  Before that, Kim Frank was active on Utah’s Capitol Hill citizen lobbying for district and charter school equity.  Kim is the mother of four children, all of who attended charters in Utah.

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